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Monday, September 09, 2002

We had the spin-in at the Taylor Mill Historic Site on Saturday. I was there from about 10 am to 1:30 pm. It was hot, hot, hot! I hate hot! We had a reporter and a photographer from the Manchester Union Leader show up. A story about it is supposed to be in the paper today or tomorrow. Have to buy that one!

I brought my Reeves wheel to the spin-in; I usually choose the more "traditional" looking one as that's what most people expect. My other wheel is a Mazurka. I also brought Roxie again, as I knew the event was supposed to be held outside (and was). I was spinning up some gray Falkland Island wool. Another tip for doing demo's - choose a fiber that's a different color than your drive band; it helps people differentiate the two, and helps them see where the yarn is going.

Yesterday stunk. Wasn't feeling well all day; my stomach was acting up, and I was sore all over. Don't know if the soreness was from riding (and falling) or from sitting and spinning so much on Saturday, or both. Worked some on the online gansey, and worked on my Mazurka wheel. Finished up 2 skeins of black alpaca that needed plying; spun up about an ounce of some purple sample from somewhere; and started on the last of my home-dyed (and slightly felted) fuschia mohair.

This morning was supposed to be Noah's first day of kindergarten. All excited, we got all ready and waited for the bus. Long story short, it never came. Several calls to the school later, I brought him in myself. They checked his info, and told me he wasn't signed up for the bus! (Not my fault, I said I did want the bus, one of them didn't do the paperwork!) So now I'm bringing him and picking him up today and tomorrow; the bus should start on Wednesday. Sigh....

At least DH was feeling well enough to go to work today!


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