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Saturday, September 07, 2002

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. Aside from the usual ho-hum, DH was home (again!) but with a different excuse this time - he wanted to see Noah's school.

We went at the specified time; the teachers/aides met us at the door and handed us a bunch of papers; that was about it. Oh, and they announced that the first day of kindergarten had been moved from Tuesday to Monday. Other than that, it was just letting the kids play with all the toys; we stayed about 20 min, and left. One of the classroom people seemed surprised that we were leaving so soon (invitation had said 1:30 to 2:30) but as far as I could tell, we had seen all there was to see. There did not seem to be a speech or program planned (people were still arriving as we left) so I couldn't see the use in sticking around - I have better things to do.

Came home and took my horse out for the first time in months. I thought I had a recent picture, but I can't find it, so I'll have to get one some other time. He's a 16+hand few-spot leopard (Appaloosa) - 6 years old and very green. Can be scary sometimes. We went out for about 2 hours, and this morning I can tell you exactly which muscles I used. Oh, and at one spooky part of the trail, he reared, and I just kind of slid off the back. Man, am I out of practice - and out of shape!

Also went to spinning group last night. Took my charkha to show off (nobody was much interested - their loss!), Noah's sweater for show-n-tell, and my Tabachek and Emily spindles to play with. Only ended up staying about an hour and a half. I was very tired (and just a little muscle sore) from my ride.


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