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Thursday, October 31, 2002

I've been trying to get the house in order so that DH and kids can fend for themselves (and take care of all the critters) for three whole days! Tomorrow morning I'm off to The Gathering!. I can't wait!!

To add to the fun of trying to get ready for this, I've had the flu most of this week. As a result nothing got done - not housework, not laundry, not crafts. What I have accomplished up til now is shown below:

This is my braided rug. To date, it's about 24" long, and almost 16" wide. It will end up 3 feet long, and as wide as that gets me. Not a great picture; I hadn't realized how close my rug colors were to the color of the picnic table!

I also worked on a baby quilt for one of DH's co-workers. I had hoped to have it finished and sent to work for her already, but the flu changed my plans. This is it so far:

That's just the top. Below is a picture of the fabric I'll be using for the backing. Isn't it great? They already know they're having a boy. I still need to sandwich the top, batting and backing, and quilt it. I'm planning to machine quilt it because, as a baby quilt, I expect it to be washed a lot. That won't get done til sometime next week.

Not much knitting or spinning got done this week, mostly just taking lots of medication and lying on the couch. Yesterday I felt well enough to knit on my Eros-and-kid-mohair shawl a little; today I'm trying to get some laundry done so I'll have clean clothes for The Gathering, interspersed with all the necessary Halloween hullabaloo that the 10 yo and 5 yo expect.


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