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Friday, October 18, 2002

Did a spinning and weaving demo at 5 yo DS's school today - an elementary school, pre-K thru 5th grade. It was very interesting, as usual. Kids come up with the greatest questions/comments. The hardest part was getting out of the house by 8 am - not used to that, I've been a stay-at-home mom for about 4 years now!

The loom generated a lot of interest! I have some interesting pattern errors now, from not paying enough attention while weaving and answering questions from the kids. I guess the first towel will be mine! Much easier to correct the kids (yarn, not string; weaving, not sewing; spinning, not weaving) when their parents aren't trying to correct me back, as happened a lot at the fair. Also had to get the wheel (Reeves 25" saxony), loom, and assorted accoutrements from house to van, van to school, and back. DH commented on how much more room there was in the living room without the loom; I told him not to get any ideas! I do usually have to re-home it for the Christmas season, tho.

Other than getting ready for this demo, I finished the collar on the online gansey (still need to do sleeves) and have started the heel on the second LL Liberty sock; working slowly but steadily on the braided rug (waiting to haul out the sewing machine right now, to stitch some more strips together). Gray romney on the Reeves wheel - need to finish up 3rd bobbin, which I was working on for the demo, then ply; white lambswool/angora on the Mazurka. Many assorted spindles with bits and pieces on them, mostly in the cellar (my craft/storage/playpen area - always looks like a disaster just struck!).

This afternoon I'll probably work a little on the braided rug, a little on the sock, and a little on getting a nap in!


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