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Saturday, October 19, 2002

A cold, very windy, rainy day... what else to do but go shopping?

No pictures today, but soon... I've gotten a good start on the heel of the LL Liberty sock (much of it while standing in a very long line at Burger King, only to walk out once it was my turn because of the *&^%%^&^&&** individual behind the counter!), and I've worked quite a bit on my braided rug. I'm starting to get the hang of folding the fabric, hanging onto it and keeping all three strands folded while I braid them together. When I started a couple of weeks ago I felt like I would need a couple of extra pairs of hands (kind of like how I felt when learning how to spin!) I'm now feeling confident enough (maybe a little overconfident??) that I suggested making a rug for my MIL for Christmas. DH likes the idea; the shopping trip was to find more fabrics for both my rug and MIL's.

It was a long drive, but we ventured to Guild, NH in the lousy weather (with two kids trapped in the car, no less) and visited both The Woolen Mill Store and the Dorr Mill Store. One is right across the street from the other. I managed to find stuff in both of them, and should now have enough fabric to do several rugs!

It was a tough decision to go to Guild. My other choice was The Country Braid House. But I've been to the CBH (once) and I'd never been to the Guild stores. Even more difficult, both places were having sales! Both places are also an equally long drive. Having been to both now, I think the prices were better at the Guild stores (especially The Woolen Mill Store), but The Country Braid House has more inspiration, in the form of finished rugs for sale. I need all the help I can get figuring colors!


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