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Monday, December 16, 2002

DH was very busy this weekend, cleaning and organizing the workshop room and workbenches for me. He did a wonderful job! All my wood tools are now organized and within easy reach of the Shopsmith. Yesterday I cleaned the Shopsmith and oiled it. Looking forward to doing some woodworking tonight - if my hands recover.

My hands are a little achy from all the work I've been doing on my MIL's Christmas rug. The rug is now 11-1/2" wide and 22" long, and I have another 2 feet or so of braid ready to lace on. I'm probably about half done. At least it looks like it will be ready for Christmas. Tomorrow I'll probably just lace up what I already have done, without braiding any more, to give my hands a break.

We went out to pick up our tree today; it's still in the back of my van. It will stay there until tomorrow. I need my 19 yo DS home to help me move my loom to a new (seasonal) location, and to help me bring in and set up the tree in the loom's "regular" spot. It will probably stay undecorated in the living room until this weekend, and I'll let the two younger kids (ages 10 and 5) do most of the decorating. They are starting to get very excited about the upcoming holiday. They're out of school for almost two weeks as of Friday, and we have a big family gathering on Sunday. Not looking forward to that, but it's one of the few times per year that the rest of the family insists I show up. (sigh)


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