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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Haven't been doing much of anything lately - I think the Christmas rush burnt me out. I did make and spangle a total of about half a dozen bobbins so far, and they're coming out good; made a couple more spindles, too, and got a good start on a new piece of lace. I never did get a picture of the finished braided rug, but DMIL loved it! (Going to have to make the trip to her house one of these days, and make sure she's actually using it!) I finished two scarves on size 10-1/2 needles, and didn't get pictures of those either. One was for 10 yo DD, made with one strand of Berroco Furz in a dark raspberry-ish, along with one strand of LaserFX (sequins! Defininely Ashleigh's style!). The other was made with Plymouth Sinsations - a heavenly rayon and wool chenille. That one went to DS's longtime girlfriend (we like her).

Older DS had a birthday, and is now 20, which makes my kids' ages 20, 10 and 5.

Other than that, we're getting snow, snow, and more snow. And Thursday the furnace started giving off smoke and soot. Got so bad that we had to shut it off last night, and the repair guy came this morning. In the light of day, we can see that the soot got everywhere! Now I need to wash everything - walls, curtains, dogs...

We're also having problems with the "plow guy" - first finding one, and now it's already noon and the one we did finally find hasn't shown up yet! I told DH that I think this will be the year of the snowblower.


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