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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

It's done, it's done! My mil's rug, that is... finally! And boy, have my hands had enough! I'll be very glad to get back to my knitting. I'll get a picture tomorrow, if I have some good light.

So once again we skate right up to the deadlines. The tree went up on Sunday (after sitting around outside for several days) and has slowly been being decorated right up to yesterday, when I finally brought the rest of the decorations upstairs. The presents are now wrapped... finished them up after finishing the rug (which was completed at about 9:30 pm).

We're supposed to have a big snowstorm tomorrow... they're predicting 8-12 inches, at least. Naturally, this is one of the few days I'm supposed to drive DS back and forth to work; he's supposed to be in for noon, and I'm supposed to pick him up at 9 pm. I already told him he may be sleeping in the convenience store's storeroom overnight if the storm's as bad as they say. Have to get him tonight at midnight, too... I'll be heading out in about an hour. Can't wait to get to bed, but I need to stay awake long enough to go get him...

On Sunday we went to a place at the Fox Run Mall called Woodcraft, and found a set of mini turning tools on sale! DH let me get 'em. I've tried them out - made one bobbin lace bobbin, which looked beautiful until I broke the neck :-( Ah, well.. now that the rug is done, I'll have time for other things besides braiding and lacing!

I hope all enjoy the holiday they choose to celebrate! (Does that cover everyone?)


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