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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Well, everything is sore - my legs, my back, my hands/arms... by 2 pm our plow guy still hadn't showed, so we went out and bought a snowblower. Got home about 4:30, after trying 3 places to find the kind we wanted. When we got back the plow guy had finally come by, but he's really not doing a very good job. DH had to be the first one to play with the new toy, so I now have a nice wide path to the dog yard and the barn (after shoveling narrower ones this morning), and DH also cleared the snow from in front of my van. Tomorrow we start widening the driveway, clear out the mailbox, etc. There will still be some shoveling to be done - the stairs, the horse's stall door, etc - but far less.


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