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Monday, February 17, 2003

Finished another car on the beetlebug sweater; I'm doing the six plain rows (dark blue with two light blue stripes, but no stranded design) between cars right now. I'll measure the length as soon as I finish the next car; that may be close to the length I need, and then I'll be almost ready for the sleeves! The pattern is done with a V-neck, but I'm making this one with a crew neck. One of my favorite collars, especially for kids' sweaters, is a crew neck with the neck knit (in rib) twice as long as you need and doubled over. Then you sew it down one stitch at a time on the inside. Goes faster than it sounds, and makes for a nice, very stretchy neckline. The second sweater will be done according to pattern, but with my own measurements, taken from a size 1 sweater at Wal-Mart. I need to see which measurements on the pattern most closely fit the measurements I took.

Another storm heading our way (sigh). It's supposed to start snowing sometime today, be heavier toward the evening commute, and continue until tomorrow - they're saying late morning. Predictions are saying 9 to 16" of snow. I expect there'll be no school tomorrow (as it's not even supposed to be stopped by then), and I'm thinking I'll have lots of knitting time as well (in between chapters in the C++ book). I've also been working a little on the sleeves of the Celtic Cardigan - almost done with the increases (about 16 rows to go). Then I'll need to measure, and see how much farther to knit before I start sleeve #2!


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