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Monday, February 10, 2003

Finished two skeins from the antique wheel last night. I ended up with 6 oz and 314 yards of what I think (I'm not sure) was suri alpaca. Could be some kind of fine (kid?) mohair. I really don't remember where it came from or when I bought it. It's yarn now, tho.

Next, I'll concentrate on the project currently on the Reeves wheel. It's fuschia wool/mohair batts, pruchased at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival several years ago. These are huge batts, in a big clear bag. There's probably 2 lbs there, if not more.

I'd like to eventually work my way through most of the commercial rovings I have, and start working on some of the mountain of fleece in the basement and barn. I have a drum carder and I know how to use it - just need to put it to work!

My in-laws came over yesterday so DH's mum could take us out to dinner for Valentine's Day. I got a lot done on the first Regia clown sock while waiting (forever, it seemed!) for the food to arrive. DH's sister is trying hard to resist the charms of a fiber-filled life, but every time she comes over she is drawn to the wheels and spindles - touching, asking questions, even trying to spin and draft a little. I offered to send her home with a spindle and some wool, but she said she doesn't want them (yet, I'm sure!). She also had lots of questions about the sock I was knitting on at the restaurant. She told me once that she used to knit, but never progressed beyond afghans because she was afraid to tackle a sweater. DH's mum told me that his grandmother used to knit all the time. He never told me that!


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