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Sunday, February 23, 2003

I spent most of the day Saturday in Portland, Maine at the SPA Knit & Spin. This was an event that started with a few people planning to get together for a weekend, and ended up with over 200 people and plenty of vendors, all meeting up at the Doubletree Hotel in Portland. Pictures from the event are here. I knew I should have brought more disks for the digital camera!

I had a wonderful time, and even volunteered at the registration desk for a couple of hours. I could have done without the snow, sleet, freezing rain, and very slippery conditions on the ride home, but I made it home safely and am glad I was able to attend this wonderful event! I also managed to teach two people how to spin on drop spindles while I was there!

I didn't get much - it seemed most of the stuff I wanted to see, touch, look for, or check out wasn't there. I did pick up a sundial pendant from Micheal of Tribal Ways (the Sundial Jewelry page is here). Mine is a Saturn Dial with a purple stone; you can see the Saturn Dials on this page (scroll down). I didn't come home with any new spindles or fiber this time. One vendor had some nice Forrester spindles, but when I went back to check them out again (it was a very crowded corner my first time through) they had already packed up and left! I did get some neat freebie knitting markers from Maine Merino, tho, as well as the book Knit Lit and 2 skeins of Opal sock yarn - Bumblebee and red Crocodile.


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