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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I tried to post yesterday, but Blogger ate my post. Seemed the whole Internet was slow yesterday - or maybe it was just my ISP.

Everyone seems to be mending well. Noah is over his ear infections (altho he's still on medication) and actually went back to school yesterday! Yay! That 3 hours a day is my breathing space. Toby the Golden seems to be doing better, too. And many thanks to all who wrote me with concerns over the Rimadyl - he goes back to the vet next week for liver tests, and I'll be discussing this with the vet then.)

Yesterday I got good mail! The Siberian Winter shawl kit from Joslyn's Fiber Farm shawl club arrived. Her Angel Hair yarn is wonderful! Wound it up on my Fricke "Big Ball" winder and yes, started the shawl. I now have 3 shawls in progress... sigh. Knitting ADD has struck. I'm also still trying to make progress on the Celtic Cardigan; I feel like I need to finish something. I may try to finish up my LL Liberty socks, which don't have much left to do. And I want to get back to the lathe, which I haven't been able to touch for a couple of weeks now.


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