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Friday, March 14, 2003

I now have a fledgling website up - it's not much, but it's mine! Check out the button on the sidebar! As I'm not allowed to play with power tools when nobody else is home (and can't possibly do it when it's just the younger kids and me), I'll be working on the website during those times. I have lots of ideas for fiber tools I'd like to turn. As I get new stock made, I'll be putting more pictures/descriptions up on the website.

In the time between DH leaving and eldest DS returning this morning, I'm probably going to work on the beetlebug sweater. I finished one sleeve, but decided I wanted to add another repeat of the stripe pattern to it. I tried it on 5 yo DS and it fits well enough, but I'd like it a little bigger. Once I get past that I can get busy on the second sleeve. It always slows a project to a crawl if I have to go back and fix something that I thought was done!

I've done very little knitting or spinning lately. If that goes on for a while, it tends to make me crabby. I think I finally have most of the groundwork for the business in place now, and only need to fill in stock and update the web pages as I go (which should take... oh, a couple of weeks, at least!) That should leave some time, anyway, for knitting and spinning when I can't be at the lathe!


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