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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Confession time: until the LL Liberty sox I recently finished, I've never actually finished a pair of socks in "regular" sock yarn. This despite the fact that I have an *ahem* extensive collection of sock yarns. I've done a few pairs in other yarns - two in Fixation (one pair of which I'd like to rip back and make the toe shorter... someday), a couple in sport weights, mostly on 3's.

After reading the comments some of you left (and thank you very much!) and surfing the FiberArts ring, I decided to re-do the Regia socks. I was down past the gusset, had re-done the heel twice (and the flap was too long), and was generally unhappy with them - and thinking that I was going to run out of yarn. This morning I unravelled them and washed the yarn to take the kinks out, and am re-starting the untouched skein on size 1's. This decision was helped along by the fact that I was sampling my recently-acquired skein of Opal Bumblebee on size 1's. Besides the slightly larger needles making the knitting easier, I'm testing out 72 stitches on the size 1's, as opposed to the 80 I was using on 0's (still not convinced that 72 will be enough - I have big feet - but we'll see) so they should go a little faster.


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