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Friday, March 07, 2003

I'm sitting here working on the Siberian Winter shawl today, while I wait for someone who may or may not show up.

What I wanted to be doing this morning was working on the lathe. Last night I finally did some turning - my wrist seems to be able to handle it now. I made four spindle whorls (cherry, oak, cedar, and pine, which should come out to an ultra-light spindle), but haven't yet made shafts for them. I was planning on working on the lathe some more this morning, but 20 yo DS just left to go hang out with his girlfriend. DH and I have an agreement that I don't work with power tools without another adult around. Accidents can happen. In fact, one very bad accident recently happened to a neighbor, involving a circular saw and multiple surgeries to his hand afterward... so I stay away from the lathe when there's nobody else here.

Probably won't be doing any lathe work this evening - I'm planning on going to spinning group tonight, and I'll be lucky if DH is home in time for that, never mind early enough for me to go play with power tools before I leave. Oh, well... maybe this weekend. I'm definitely in the mood to play with wood right now. I'd like to make a bunch more spindles, and I have dowels cut for at least half a dozen more nostepindes.


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