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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Today's family outing took us to the Millyard Museum in Manchester, NH. I found it very interesting. The museum does include a small section with looms and cloth production featured - Manchester used to be a major textile manufacturing town. The kids always want to go through much faster than I'd like - I enjoy studying almost every picture and exhibit; they just want to see what's next. I may have to go back by myself sometime soon.

And I found this in the museum gift shop!

It's small (3-1/2" tall at its highest point) but very cute! The rubber band around the wheel/flyer actually allows the flyer, wheel and treadle to move, and the distaff can swing out. It's actually a little pencil sharpener, but it joins my small but growing collection of spinning wheel paraphernalia.

After the Millyard Museum, we proceeded up to the fourth floor in the same building to the SEE Science Museum. This was definitely more the kids' speed - everything is touch, try, do - but the adults all had lots of fun, too!


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