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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Up early this morning to bring DD to school. She is participating in some all-day strings concert (she plays violin) and had to be at the school at 7:15. For us, that means up half an hour to 45 minutes before leaving, to take care of critters. Her part of the concert is at 3 pm - I'm looking forward to it!

I'm almost done re-doing the first sleeve of the beetlebug sweater. Once that's done, I can get back to the second sleeve - the cuff is done, and I'll need the needles from the first sleeve to continue. I hope to get some time to finish this in the next week or so! Of course, it seems the warmer weather is finally on its way - don't know if Noah will get to wear this sweater before next November or so! Wish I'd known that all I had to do to chase winter away was finish this sweater - I would have worked on it a lot more!


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