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Monday, May 19, 2003

Well, as promised a week ago, here are pictures of two of my only three purchases from NH Sheep and Wool.

This is the cone of cotton and the spindle bag. Love the little sheepy print! The cotton led me to pull out my charkha (I did a bit of some variegated purple), which led to me cleaning up one of my craft rooms in the cellar. That took a couple of days!

Here's a close-up of the spindle bag, with a bell on the handle (it came with that) and a small purple bead zipper pull that I made for it (you can see the bead, just not really well):

The spindle bag currently contains my lucet, and I'm about halfway through the black linen drive band cord I'm making with it. The third thing was a small jar of beeswax polish for me to try on my turnings.

Speaking of turnings, I've been playing around with new techniques I learned at the woodturning seminar, and learning how to do a better job sharpening my tools. I'm getting pretty good at making tapestry bobbins (8" ones, because that's the size of the commercial one I'm using as a template), but wasn't able to complete a lace bobbin in the last week without breaking it! I have, however, been playing with my lace, both bobbin lace and tatting. That's something I definitely don't do enough. I'm pretty good with the tatting, I think (in fact, just this past week I have figured out split rings!) but am still fairly insecure about the bobbin lace - have to refer back to patterns/instructions quite a bit while lacing. More practice would definitely make it easier.

Along with doing a spring cleaning in one of the craft rooms, I'm seriously considering getting rid of some of the craft stuff. I do way too many things! Sometimes this leads to total inertia, simply because I can't figure out what to work on next. I've already decided to give my rug-braiding wool to a friend (along with the braiding stand); next to go will probably be all the rug hook stuff, maybe followed by a lot of cross-stitch stuff. I'm still wavering on the cross-stitch, even tho I pick it up maybe once a year. I don't know why I find it so hard to part with stuff; it's not like I'll be left with nothing to do if I part with all the XS! (But really, I might decide to make up one of those gorgeous kits sometime! Really!) I still have enough quilting/ weaving/ spinning/ knitting/ lace/ woodturning stuff to last me the rest of my life!


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