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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Another busy weekend! We got a lot of rain, but it did hold off long enough on Saturday for me to get some stuff done. I turned this area:

into this:

Doesn't that look better now? (Will look better, I'm sure, once I put that shovel away!)

With a trip to Home Depot and some gifts from a neighbor, I planted a boxwood, two cotoneasters, four hostas, some daylilies and some sedum. I also weeded the beds in front of the house (a few bushes, including dwarf rhododendrons and a couple of pretty red ones) and put down some new grass seed and fertilizer in the front and the back. Even though you can't see it in the picture, I replaced four of the railings around the small deck, too. After I was done it rained for 26 hours or so, and nicely watered my new plants.

Sunday started out with an early trip to the feed store for hay. I also came back with more grass seed and fertilizer, which I put down on the lawn right away. It was already raining (again... or was it still...) so the seed and starter fertilizer were obligingly watered immediately. Trinity, my blue merle Aussie, was outside helping me (at least she thought she was helping!). When I was done (and after Star Trek Voyager, which is only on at 11 am on Sundays) the whole family accompanied me on a trip to Woodcraft in Portsmouth. While there, my wonderful DH bought me a present!

I already have it set up on the workbench. It's a Delta 12", 1/2 HP drill press! C'mon, 'fess up, how many of you would be excited about a gift like this? (Actually, he was also looking at an awesome lathe, but at $2500 that wasn't coming home with us!)


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