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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The craft ADD that has struck me in the last couple of weeks continues. Yesterday I worked on knitting, tatting and bobbin lace. Not too bad considering I've had days when I've worked on 5 or more different crafts/projects!

This is a lovely Romney-X fleece that I traded for. It has the most gorgeous charcoal color, with some gray in it. It is so hard to find a natural-color fleece that's gray, not brown! Usually there are brown tips that throw the color off; not in this one! I got it in a trade with Mary McCall, who has some fabulous lace knitting patterns, and also has a blog.

This is some tatting I've been working on. It will eventually be a bookmark:

I did manage to finish something, though! Here's a sock! And I've already started the second one!

We got to go see Matrix Reloaded on Sunday. Fabulous! If you're a Matrix fan, I'm sure I need to say no more; if you're not a Matrix fan, go rent the first one!


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