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Monday, June 23, 2003

Another FO! For some reason, one FO tends to lead to another - "Must finish something!" This time it was the sock yarn blend I started at the Cape Ann Spinning Retreat. The goal was to create a blend that would work for socks, and attempt to spin to the right size. Well, a commercial skein I grabbed for comparison was 50 g (although it actually weighed in at 1.6 oz on my scale) and 210 meters; this skein was the same weight, and 205 yards, so I think I got pretty close!

Click on the picture for a close-up of the yarn

Also got a lot of knitting time in over the weekend; during a family party on Saturday, and while watching several videos Saturday afternoon/evening. Here's the progress on the first Opal Bumblebee sock:

Wendy E. mentioned the Longest Thread contest on her blog. Gotta find out where to get superfine merino - what fun! This reminded me of a web page I'd come across recently. Check out Terri DeHetre's story of competing in the Longest Thread contest - she ended up not only winning the contest, but setting a new world record! She has also made some absolutely jaw-dropping lace shawls.


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