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Friday, June 06, 2003

Last night I actually tore myself away from my bobbin lace long enough to do some spinning! I played with my charkha (and some lovely cotton in shades of purples) for a bit, but my left arm and shoulder are not used to that! I normally use my right hand for drafting; the only time I use my left is on the charkha. Then I switched to the Mazurka, and worked on the sock yarn blend I started at Claudia Krisniski's spinning retreat in April. (Check out her web page at

Look what's living in my barn!

I've been trying to get a picture of her for ages, but she almost always flies away as soon as I get in the barn, or else I couldn't actually see her on the nest. Now the babies are big enough that she no longer fits in the nest, only on top of it. We've had swallows nesting in our barn for several years, and I love them - except when they're dive-bombing you to try to scare you away. This one now just flies away, so I'm thinking the babies are pretty grown up and probably close to ready to leave the nest.


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