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Monday, June 02, 2003

I spent most of my time today making up toy-wheel spindles for my upcoming classes. I also put together two dozen CD-and-grommet combos; just need to put them together with dowels and hooks now. For my classes I do a beginner packet consisting of written instructions, a list of websites that I consider helpful, a toy-wheel spindle, a CD spindle, and 2-3 oz. of fiber. Here's a picture of one batch of toy-wheel spindles:

I did get some knitting in today on the second sock, while waiting for DD to arrive from a field trip (had to pick her up at school). I managed to get some work in on my bobbin lace this weekend when I was done planting things.

This is a learning piece, from a video course; it will be a doily/mat, when I finish it and figure out how to attach it to a piece of fabric.

Click on this picture for a close-up

The picture below is a piece that will eventually become the edging on a handkerchief for DH's niece's wedding. I'm really enjoying working on this one!


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