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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Been a long few days. On Wednesday we had Noah's end-of-year Kindergarten celebration. They did a series of skits (complete with music and dancing) on the 50's, 60's, etc.

Thursday night Ashleigh's school had a lip-sync competition. Some of the acts were very clever! No pics, but that one is on videotape.

Friday I played ring steward for obedience at a dog show in Topsfield, Mass. I enjoy being a steward when I can, and you always learn a whole lot while watching the dogs in the ring.

Saturday I attended a wedding shower for DH's niece, who's getting married in August. Sunday I tried to get in some recovery time, and Monday Ashleigh's school had an end-of-year celebration and cookout (even tho they don't officially get out of school until Friday).

I managed to get a lot of fiber work done during the school functions anyway. The second sock is down to the heel, and does appear to stand a chance of being finished in this lifetime. I have another pair, already started, in Opal Bumblebee just waiting for an empty spot in the knitting bag:

I'm almost done drop-spinning some Hog Island roving. I'll be sending this in to Spin-Off (hopefully by this weekend) for their rare-breed skeins issue. This is being done on one of my own spindles (this one is maple) and a Golding ring spindle. I'll probably ply on a large Bosworth.

And, for Deborah, here's a current picture of my lace pillow, and the lace that will be a wedding handkerchief edging:


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