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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Boy, sometimes life can really surprise you!

Today was the Granite State Knit-In. I had two classes, one from 9 to 10, the other from 11 to 12. The first class had four people signed up; two of them showed up. As my friend Pam was helping me, those two people had one-on-one instruction. The second class had twelve people signed up, and nine of them showed. A little more hectic, but doable. Pam was a great help, but I wasn't surprised. We always have a good time together. We had a couple of great classes, and a few students in the second class who were real prodigies. I also won a sweater kit (with Berroco Cliche yarn, cotton/nylon/polyester) in the raffle!

On the drive home I decided to stop at a gas station that has a Subway sandwich shop, and pick up dinner. I was paying for my purchases when another customer walked in. Turned out it was a long-time friend from high school. The amazing thing is, I haven't seen Terri for nine years, since our wedding in '94! She lives in Kentucky! She and her DH Jerry are truck drivers. We spoke for over 40 minutes, and she told me they have never had to drive up this far. What a coincidence; not only that they would drive up this far, but that our paths would cross at all!

I'm still in shock over the chain of coincidences that led to this! I had to have Pam take a picture of us. Here we are (I'm in the middle):


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