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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I found another web page with info from another Longest Thread entrant. Sue Macniven wrote about her attempt (and world record!) in 2001. If you click on "Longest Thread" in the toolbar at the top of her page, you can find her write-ups about the 1997 and 1999 contests as well.

Finished another little bit of roving from the fiber corner:

Click on picture for a close-up of the yarn

This is blue-faced leicester that my friend Carol and I dyed during a mini-class at the Grafton Fibers Spin-In last March. The colors are kind of drab pinkish/mauvish, not really great. The close-up photo is much brighter than the actual yarn, and the skein photo doesn't quite get the colors right either, but DD likes it and has already asked for a scarf from it. I navajo-plyed it, but the close-up certainly shows quite a bit of uneven-ness! I ended up with 2.8 oz and 130 or so yards - we'll see how far that goes for DD's scarf.


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