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Thursday, December 18, 2003

DH is taking my van today, so I'll be stranded at home. His truck needs a new muffler and won't be going to the shop until Monday. I did my grocery shopping yesterday, and I'm sure we can manage with switching off vehicles for a few days. But my favorite LYS called yesterday and told me that the Best of Knitter's Arans and Celtics book has finally arrived! They are, of course, holding a copy for me.

I finished holiday stocking 3 of 4 yesterday!

Like the other two stockings I've finished, I haven't yet finished the sewing up (although most of the ends are run in), or done the duplicate stitching. The names on the tops of the stockings will be done in duplicate stitch, as well as small details on the pictures. One more stocking to go!

I also found some great buttons for the Lo-Tech cardigan! Unfortunately, the picture doesn't pick up the subtle lavender shades or the lovely pearlescence of these buttons:

And while shopping for buttons, I came across these marvelous Christmas tree charms, which will become earrings today:


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