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Monday, December 15, 2003

More snow; started last night and went halfway through the morning today. We ended up with 8 or 9 inches this time, with some sleet thrown in at the end for good measure. We just had the snowblower tuned up (the belt needed to be tightened), so DH was good to go for this storm. The kids were home from school today because of the storm, but it's been too cold and very windy all day, so they have mostly been inside - and fighting almost nonstop! They never seem to run out of things to argue about!

I haven't touched the Santa stocking in a few days, but I did finish and sew up the body of the Lo-Tech Sweat! In fact, I stayed up late Saturday night to attach the first sleeve so I could try it on. It fits! Oh wonder of wonders, joy of joys! A sweater for me that I actually get to keep! Yesterday I sewed up and attached the second sleeve, and made the buttonbands. It still needs the hood and pockets, but those were my first-ever buttonbands! Now I just need to get buttons for it! I thought I had some suitable silver ones hanging around somewhere, but they refuse to show themselves right now. And I have no idea why the picture looks blotchy.

Yesterday we went out before the snow started, and dragged home the tree. Geez, even that picture stinks today. Here it is, though, in its current naked glory.

The kids will be decorating it in a day or two (whenever I get around to digging out the ornaments and stuff). The cats found the presence of a tree in the house very interesting, but they've never bothered previous trees. Strangely enough, they're more interested in the fact that there's water in the bottom of it. Most of our ornaments are the difficult-to-break kind, anyway - with six dogs and two cats, there is no other safe kind, no matter how good we think the critters will behave.


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