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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Holidays are always very busy, with visiting, relatives, cleaning (I managed to recruit the whole family this time, including 6 yo DS), and (gasp) cooking! We also managed to hit a couple of early-bird sales yesterday, and pretty much polished off the Christmas shopping. I'd post about a couple of my bargains, but DD sometimes reads this, and I don't want her seeing too much, too soon! We also picked up a Mavis Beacon typing program - DD has a class in keyboarding this term, and this is what her teacher recommended for practice at home. Nice to see I can still pull off 60 wpm on occasion, although that's far from the 75-80 wpm I used to do long ago as a secretary.

I pieced the backing for DH's quilt this morning.

This is actually a very rich, bright gold ethnic print - very busy, and definitely enough to wake you up in the morning! I'm glad it's for the back and not the front! It's DH's quilt, though, and this is what he picked for the back. Next up is a trip to Joanne's for a new quilt batt - the one I have is not quite big enough for this quilt. I'll be saving the current one for my sister Wendy's quilt, though - the Stack N' Whack. I hope to finish four more blocks for that today. Then I'll lay it out and decide if I need to make more blocks or not before I put it together.

I also did a few inches on the front of the Lo-Tech Sweat over the holiday. It's growing - slowly, but it's getting there!

This picture definitely doesn't do justice to the color.


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