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Thursday, December 11, 2003

No pictures this time. Today is warm and rainy, and all the snow is melting. Interesting weather we're having, but I'm sure the snow will be back. Winter hasn't even "officially" begun yet... which, in my opinion, really stinks; I hate winter. For that matter, I hate summer, too... and spring and fall, the only two seasons I actually like, are never long enough.

Just finished pin-basting DH's quilt. Now it has to wait for me to finish piecing DSis's quilt top to get its turn at the sewing machine.

Did a few more rows on the Santa stocking; what's really been moving along, however, is the Lo-Tech Sweat. I spent most of this week drugged out on cold pills. Complicated patterns are not a good idea at such times. The Lo-Tech Sweat provides for simple, easy knitting. I got caught up on a lot of email and blog reading, finished both fronts, and I'm almost done with the first sleeve.

I got a lot done last night sitting through two hours of a middle-school holiday concert - kids who really can't sing, really can't play instruments (but insist on trying), too many people crammed into too-small a space... oh, joy. But I did agree to at least drive DD to such functions, as part of her gig in 6th grade Chorus. I did not agree to pretend I like it. I also grabbed up DD and left as soon as her part was done - we were already close to her usual bedtime, she's only 11 yrs old, and already has to get up at 5:30 in the morning to catch the bus at some obscenely early time... and it was a good excuse not to hang around for another hour of holiday joy.

Maybe I can blame the crabbiness on the cold pills. Or maybe all the holiday silliness is getting to me.


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