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Sunday, November 23, 2003

OK - today we gots pictures! Finally!

First, I had a quilting class yesterday to learn how to make a Magic Stack 'N Whack quilt. Below are two pictures: one of the four blocks I've made so far (I have four more to go, and may do more, depending on the finished size of the quilt with those blocks; I need to go back and read the directions again). The second picture is the four blocks I made, along with the original "focus fabric". The color is much better in the second picture.

Next, we have a picture of DH holding up the entire finished Storm at Sea quilt top. We have purchased the backing, now I just need to "sandwich" it and quilt it!

My last picture is the back of the Lo-Tech Sweat. I'm about a quarter of the way up the first front at this point, but I'm also working on a holiday stocking (knit), as well as the two quilts and some cross-stitch. Be nice to finish something sometime soon, tho...


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