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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I've been very lazy about posting lately, mostly because I've been obsessed with my quilts. I went rummaging around in my fabric stash, and found parts to a double wedding ring quilt I started at least 8 years ago:

I know why this one was put aside. First of all, I was not thrilled with some of the fabrics I started with - too thin, not 100% cotton, etc. Also, I found that the center piece of the rings was not symmetrical (and, amazingly enough, I still have all the original templates for this!). Last night I re-drafted the center piece and cut a new template. Now I have to decide if I'm going to re-do all the fabrics (already pieced) that I'm not happy with, or just replace them with new fabrics as I piece new arcs.

One of the other things I'm obsessed with lately is small blocks. I've started a couple of quilts (which will be hand-pieced) made with 4-1/2" blocks. One of those is Dear Jane, and another is Quilted Diamonds. I've started a Webshots album for those quilt blocks, if you want to see them.

We did get to go to the quilt show in Rochester this weekend. One of the things I got there was a lapboard. It's about the size of a three-ring binder.

Inside, one side has fine sandpaper (helps hold fabric and templates still while you draw around them), and the other side has a small cutting board. The outsides are padded, and can even be used as an ironing surface. The outside fabric is ugly, but I'm finding the lapboard very handy.

Well, this is long enough for one day. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you what I've learned about back-basting applique pieces, and my $10 lightbox.


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