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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I have a total of four holiday stockings to knit. My friend Pam brought me the rest of the kits a couple of days ago (I'm doing this for one of her co-workers). This morning I finished winding the yarn for the other three kits. I still haven't done the duplicate stitch on the first stocking; it did work up fast and easy, though (despite the intarsia!) so I'm thinking of doing all four, then duplicate stitching the whole bunch.

I've gotten a little more done on the Lo-Tech Sweat. I need to measure, and see how much more I have to knit before the armholes. It's probably a little over halfway there. I've also been working on DH's Storm at Sea quilt (by machine), and I finally started hand quilting the Crown of Thorns wallhanging. I have a couple of handpiecing projects I've been picking up here and there, too.

Yesterday Simply Quilts had the cutest envelope pocket wall quilt! I'm thinking of making this for DD for Christmas - in the wildest color combinations I can dig out of stash, which she'd love! It looked like a very quick-and-easy project when they did it on TV; I can only hope it works up that way for me!


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