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Monday, March 08, 2004

Deborah asked about scotch tension on wheels. Although I am by no means an expert, I prefer scotch tension on my flyer wheels whenever possible. I feel that I can get a more precise adjustment on the draw-in tension with scotch tension. Especially with super-fine yarns, the adjustments may occur in minute increments, and that kind of incremental adjustment is usually not possible with double drive. (Note I said "usually" - there are people out there that can perform miracles with double drive, and even bobbin-lead, wheels. More power to them - I want my scotch tension!)

Look what came to live at my house this weekend!

For those who don't recognize it, this is a Majacraft Suzie Pro, and was acquired as a trade. DH is buying me the lace flyer for this wheel as a birthday present.

I've always been a single-treadle person, and liked it that way. But after lurking on the Spin4Lace list for a couple of weeks, I was starting to think I might need a double treadle to get my yarn really thin. Along came this trade opportunity, and I jumped at it. According to the list, the delta orifice on this wheel can hinder the making of really fine yarn; even with that, I've managed to get thinner with this wheel so far than I've done with the Mazurka, so I think I'm heading in the right direction. Hopefully the lace flyer (which has a standard orifice) will arrive very soon!


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