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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Okay, I know it's been forever (again...) but Kate's comments on Westminster got me going. I agree with her critiques for the most part, and I adore most breeds of dogs (with the notable exception of Les the Pekingese - love the tribble comparison, Kate!).

Someone made comments to one of Kate's entries about show dogs that look different from "regular" dogs. I agree wholeheartedly. Our golden looks nothing like a show golden, although my Aussies are (most of them, anyway) show quality. The other exception is the Chinese Cresteds. We have a powderpuff Crested, which are not commonly seen, even at shows.

Here's Cruiser, who represents the hairless variety, and who won his breed at Westminster:

Here's Ziggy, representing the other half of the Chinese Crested breed, who lives happily with four Aussies and a golden (plus assorted children and cats):

He was 6 months old or so when this photo was taken about a year ago. He has even more hair now, and it's definitely not as smooth and silky as on the powderpuff Cresteds I see at shows. He's about 12-1/2" tall, weighs almost 10 pounds, and is definitely not a fragile dog, even for a toy. He's funny, and cuddly, and even my 6'6" DH adores him. Definitely one of the hidden treasures of the dog world.

There are some more pictures of the Zigster (aka Zig-Man, Ziggarino, Zigmeister) here, here, and here.

And btw, unlike many show dogs, mine live in the house with their people (although they have a large, fenced in dog yard) and sleep on the couches. Such a life!


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