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Monday, January 12, 2004

No pictures from me today, but lots of links and pictures of future projects!

I have decided that Lo-Tech will exist without pockets, so I put the buttons on it and declared it "done". It just needs washing/blocking, and then I'll take a new picture. The buttons are gold and purple, and were a Christmas gift from DH and kids. They're gorgeous, and perfect for the sweater!

I spent the weekend machine quilting the Storm At Sea quilt top (it's 3/4 done) and working on my cross stitch. The Angel of Hope picture is about 2/3 done (everything below her arms is finished). I have one other cross stitch project that has already been started - a Christmas stocking for DD, with cats on a staircase. It's very cute, and I really want to finish that sometime before next Christmas!

I have several others, though, that I'm absolutely dying to start! The first is the Bag Ladies kit I got for Christmas. Another is a kit called Too Pooped. I picked that up this weekend when we went to check out a new cross stitch shop in Concord - Stitched With Love. Very nice shop, very nice owner, and home to two of the sweetest, most adorable kittens I've ever met!

The other two that I really, really want to start are computer-generated charts, one of Aussies (from A Stitch in Time - I'm waiting for some fabric for this one) and one called Millenium (from Mystic Stitch).

The next knitting project will be finishing up the Dale cars sweater for DH's co-worker's baby. I got as far as the ribbing, and just beginning the colorwork on the bottom of the sweater, when I was distracted by something else... oh, yeah, the Lo-Tech sweat!


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