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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

We bought a window-mounted two-station bird feeder around Christmas, and apparently the birds have finally discovered that it's there. I got a picture of it, but the birds wouldn't stick around and get their picture taken:

The cats have decided that the bird feeder is there for their amusement. It's amazing to see the birds (and the cats' reaction to them), as the birds seem to realize there's a window in the way and the cats can't reach them.

After finishing the Rambouillet/angora, I started in on a large bag of wool/mohair that I got several years ago. It was from either Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival or Mass. Sheep & Wool, I don't remember which, but it was something like five years ago. It's a lovely blend of fuschia, blues, some purples. When spun up, it "reads" with slightly darker and lighter shades of fuschia. This is being spun up on my 24" Reeves saxony.

Speaking of the Reeves saxony, I was aware that the Schacht company was going to be reproducing a couple of the Reeves wheels. I logged into their website yesterday to see if extra bobbins for my Reeves would be available, and was shocked at their prices! They're charging $29.50 and $34.00 per bobbin! I guess I won't be buying any new bobbins for my Reeves for a while!

I picked up the Dale cars sweater again last night, too. I've finished the row of little people at the bottom of the sweater; a few more rows and I'll be starting the cars! This one should knit up fairly quickly, too, because it's only a children's size 2.


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