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Thursday, March 11, 2004

For anyone interested in laceweight spinning, I should mention that the archives of the Spin4Lace list are public, and I found much of the information extremely helpful.

Tuesday was town voting (I worked on my take-along socks while waiting in line), and Wednesday we attended an open house at DD's school. Look what I made in the Graphic Arts classroom!

We didn't have a choice of projects or silkscreen design, but we had a choice of two colors - blue or red. They called it a wine bottle bag - anyone can see that it's really a spindle bag!

Besides getting to know the new wheel (the lace flyer should be here by early next week) I've been playing around with some other stuff. I started and finished a little amulet purse, knitted with #8 perle cotton and #11 seed beads, on size 0000 doublepoints. I bought the kit during my trip to Wisconsin in September. I still need to decide what to do for the necklace portion - twisted cord? Something using the rest of the beads? Purchase a chain for it? I'm open to ideas, but here is the little bag.

I also started something with the rambouillet/angora yarn. This is the Trellis Diamond Pattern II from Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting book. It will eventually be a scarf, perhaps with beaded fringe, and will probably be a Christmas gift for a family member. This yarn is so soft!

Today 6 yo DS is home with me, so I'm not sure I'll get anything done!


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