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Thursday, August 05, 2004

OK, I'm finally tired of handpiecing quilt blocks and ready to move on to something else. Maybe it has to do with the weather - it's finally much cooler! Today is rainy and supposed to be under 70 degrees! Now this is weather I can handle! It's supposed to be in the low 70s for the next couple of days, too. Yeah!

I'm going to try to get up to my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) today. I called yesterday, and they have a fresh stock of Dale Baby Ull. I think I'm going to need one more ball of navy to finish the sleeves on the Dale cars sweater I was knitting (hope the dye lots are at least close). I want an extra ball on hand in any case.

If it stays cool like the weathermen promised, I have a couple of things I need to get done. One is to take the shedding rake to a couple of my dogs. In the very hot, humid weather that we've had, it wasn't possible to consider that; I would have been covered in hair in minutes! I'm also hoping to skirt my alpaca fleeces over the next couple of days, and will be picking up a couple of collapsible laundry hampers to make that a little easier.

I've been doing a lot of research on alpaca care and management, and I started a new blog just for the alpacas. I'm not saying the info won't cross over, but it gives me a chance to present some of what I'm learning in more detail. It might help someone considering alpacas, too. Click here if you're interested. I still need to add more info to the sidebars, pictures, links, etc, but it's a start.


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