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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas is approaching far too quickly. The kids had their last day of school yesterday, and now are home until January 3rd. Well, DD had her last day of school - DS has been home with an on-and-off fever all week that has now developed into one heck of a cold.

Besides running around doing Christmas shopping and other errands, I've been working on the "Cats on a Staircase" stocking. I finally feel like I've made some progress on this:

We had our family holiday get-together last Saturday. We only stayed for a little while, because DD wasn't feeling well at that point, but my sister finally got her quilt! Despite the fact that I had it back from the machine quilter's for two months or so, I put the binding on Friday night. Procrastinating as usual! And in my normal procrastination mode, we still need to get a Christmas tree...


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