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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Yesterday I got a package from my Secret Santa! I have no idea at this point who she (he?) is, but I know the package came from Connecticut. This by itself means nothing - I've heard of Secret Santas who send a package to someone else to re-mail with a different address. Nevertheless, the whole Secret Santa gig is a lot of fun, and I had a great time putting together a package for my own giftee.

Anyway, this was a wonderful package! I did wait the requisite 5 or 10 minutes before tearing open the envelope.

The first thing I found was a bee-ooo-tiful Silver Lining chart! It's a picture of blue flowers (I believe they are pansies) and it's called "Peekaboo". I haven't started it yet, but then again, today's not over. Here's what it will look like:

The next thing I found was a very cute little Christmas card, signed by my Secret Santa. I never think of those little details! Now I wish I had!

Next, a small chart - "Peaceful Home", by JBW Designs. Just what I need right now, something I can *finish*!! LOL! I may do this one very soon!

Next, a baggie with some stitching supplies. There are always those things you can never have too much of - in this case, DMC needles and five skeins of floss. Upon closer examination, one of the skeins is a very shiny, sparkly purple, #5289. I've never seen this one before, and I'll need to find something to use this in very soon! Another picture:

The remainder of the padded envelope contained three wrapped packages. I actually had to stop and think about whether to open them or wait. DD sided with me and encouraged me to open them immediately. This brought to mind the current commercial where the woman is opening her presents, and her husband says, "Congratulations! You waited til December 18!" I have no idea what the commercial is for, but I like it!

In the first package was a beautiful sparkly, shiny, purply scissor fob!! I love this! I already told DH that the scissors with the fob (and I showed it to him so he'd know what a fob looks like) are not to be touched by anyone but me! I put it on the new scissors I just got at Yankee Cross Stitch a couple of weeks ago. Besides the fact that it's pretty and sparkly and purply, it has a THIMBLE charm on it!! This is wonderful, as I collect thimbles, and definitely did not have this one!

The second package was DMC floss bobbins, and a package of self-stick DMC floss numbers! Terrific! I'm always buying new floss for new projects (instead of checking the floss stash).

The third package was the never-goes-wrong gift, chocolate! A bar of Lindt (my FAVORITE brand of chocolate!!) milk chocolate! As I've only recently quit smoking and can't seem to stop eating for long, this is very welcome (and did I mention that Lindt is my FAVORITE brand of chocolate?)

I have to mention now that a couple of weeks ago my friend Cheryl made me a lovely scissor fob. It has a very pretty multi-colored heart on the end.

Alas, the lobster claw did not fit on my scissors. Yesterday, though, after I put the new fob on my scissors, I realized that Cheryl's fob would fit on the new fob! So I now have two fobs on my scissors, making them doubly off limits to the rest of the family! (That is how that works, right?)


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