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Monday, August 22, 2005

As a dog lover, and owner of multiple dogs, it's only natural to seek out other multiple-dog households. Therefore I also enjoy reading the blogs of those similarly afflicted. Occasionally one is fortunate enough to find a blogging household that not only has dogs, but shares similar hobbies! One of my favorites is Knitting, with Dogs. On that blog Janice not only shows us knitting, but also Aussies! Okay, so having four Aussies, I might be just a little bit biased. Her Jasper, however, is one exceedingly handsome boy.

Another dog-blog I really like is WhiteStar. She's another knitting dog-mom. Her entry for August 17 features, besides lace being knit in Kidsilk Haze, an adorable mud-puppy. The picture reminded me of some other mud-puppy pictures I've seen.

This is Merlin. He's an absolutely gorgeous red merle, bred by the same breeder as three of my Aussies (Clara Grover of Maine-Ly Aussies). Merlin shows in conformation and in agility, and does quite well in both.

This is Merlin after a self-administered mud-based beauty treatment. Does he look like he's been having fun, or what?


  • Wow - you do a lot of lace! And your pooches are wonderful.

    By Anonymous Beth, at 3:33 PM  

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