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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The weather was lovely this week - until today, anyway. Autumn will eventually get here, I know - and it will be far too short, then we'll all be freezing our buns off again. I would love to find someplace that has spring/fall temps all the time, and yet does not have any of the pending disasters of the midwest (tornadoes) or the west coast (earthquakes).

I did take advantage of the beautiful weather we had earlier in the week. I had several nice walks with Trinity (the blue merle), and some wonderful bike rides! I love riding my bike. Yesterday I rode 27 miles, and had an awesome time!

We've been trying to teach the boy to ride his bike. He's 7 (for now - his birthday is next Friday!). He is now too big for training wheels (did you know those have a weight limit on them?), and he never liked them anyway, because they allowed the bike to tip. There was a good article in Bicycling magazine a couple of months ago about this very thing, and we're using ideas from that. We're making some progress, and I'm sure he'll be riding on his own soon.

I've been knitting on a couple of shawls. I'm up to row 122 on Flirty Ruffles:

I found after a short while, though, that I needed something that required a little less concentration. I had some red fingering/laceweight from a couple of years ago that had no intended project, so I'm using that for the one in the picture below. It's a free Feather and Fan pattern I found here.

I've done 180-some rows on this one so far. This only requires concentration every 6th row or so, so I can knit along and catch up on some reading, except on the pattern rows.


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