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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I got a telephone call yesterday morning that surprised me. It was from a gentleman I did not know, and he was looking for information on buying a spinning wheel for his daughter. I asked him how he got my phone number, and he told me I was his ninth or tenth phone call. His daughter had mentioned wanting a wheel and wanting to learn how to spin, and after a bunch of phone calls, he eventually got my number from a county extention office.

Now, I do demonstrate at almost every opportunity, including my four days a year at the Deerfield Fair, but I was very surprised (and quite flattered, to tell the truth) that I was on some official-type list as someone with some knowledge of spinning and/or wheels. Maybe it's silly, but it made me feel kinda-sorta famous!

By the way, I was able to refer him to a reputable shop reasonably close to him, and made a few suggestions for beginner-suitable wheels.


  • Good for you :) You've obviously impressed a lot of people.

    By Blogger Pamela, at 10:13 AM  

  • That is pretty cool. You certainly are a great teacher. :)

    By Blogger Maureen, at 11:43 AM  

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