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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

To the right I have a comment from one of my sisters; nice to know my family visits once in a while, to see what I'm doing! (By the way, Wendy, you still owe me a picture of your kitty!) Unfortunately, I really don't have time to knit any kitty beds right now. If I actually knew how to use that knitting machine in the basement I might be able to make a few, but I don't. All I do is jam the keys.

Besides that, I have my hands full right now with school stuff for the kids (DS will be starting violin lessons today!), some woodturning going on, and getting ready for my yearly stint at the Deerfield Fair. (Come visit!)

If the shelter needs kitty beds and you feel you need to contribute, I have a suggestion: Go to the local thrift store or used-clothing center and get some sweaters - 100% wool ones. Throw them in the washing machine, hot wash/cold rinse. They'll felt into nice, warm kitty beds, no problem.

If you're ambitious, you can cut the sleeves off first. Four or six sleeves sewn together, depending on size, will make another kitty bed, and you can then throw that in the washer and felt it.


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