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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Farm Museum had something on display that immediately made it onto my Christmas list. It was a reprint copy of the 1897 Sears & Roebuck catalog. I can imagine it would be fascinating to sit and browse through that for a while! I looked it up online and found it here, at for less than $15.00.

Yesterday I started plying up the singles I spun during my demo, and didn't do much else. Today I have a few chores to catch up on, but I also started a new sweater for DD. (DS's sweater has 1-1/2 sleeves to go, but I don't feel like playing with double-pointed needles today.) DD's sweater will be the Rogue sweater from The Girl from Auntie, done in a discontinued color of Naturespun worsted called "Azure". It's a lovely shade of green that will look fabulous on red-headed DD! I showed her the pattern already, and she loved it, especially the cable-edged hood. I love how this sweater looks! If it knits up as gorgeous as the picture, I may make one for myself.


  • Hi Caroline! Just thought I'd drop by your blog today - have fun making Rogue! The cables are so cool, and it will be beautiful in Naturspun!

    By Anonymous Stella, at 10:37 PM  

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