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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I haven't been posting, because I haven't been doing much of anything. No, I take that back - I've been knitting on DD's Rogue sweater, but I haven't made much progress because I've ripped out twice so far. The second time I ripped it all out I was up to the split at the armholes! My gauge has just not been good on this sweater.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate making gauge swatches? I do know and appreciate the necessity of gauge swatches, however, so I usually make something similar to a gauge swatch. In this case, I messed up the first knitting of the sweater (I wasn't even half way up the body) and the second iteration was way too small, even for DD. I didn't want to change my needle size, so I changed the pattern and added more stitches in the third iteration. Now I am again, for the third time, about half way up the body. The good news is that, by now, I can read the cable charts without referring to the key, so it's going a little faster.


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