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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Today the whole family accompanied me on a visit to The Gathering. I believe this is one of the largest quilt shows in New England, if not the largest. This year they were featuring Baltimore Album quilts, my absolute favorite quilting genre. I was in quilt nirvana! DH was especially wonderful, taking the kids for a walk, disappearing for large stretches of time, leaving me to drool over the quilts, visit the vendors, chat with other quilters. It was great; I had time with the family, and time to explore the quilt show! DH and DS also bought me a gift; a wonderful tote bag that has a beautiful African print (I love giraffes!). It also expands and has folding wheels, similar to this one (except for the print, of course):

If you're interested in the quilt show, I uploaded pictures and descriptions of some of the quilts in a Webshots album, here.

I also got a couple of books, including one by Marsha McCloskey, entitled "Feathered Star Quilt Blocks I". This one caught my eye especially - not just because it has feathered star blocks, which I love, but because of the book's subtitle: Really Hard Blocks That Take a Long time To Make. Who could resist that?

We also have a new family member to announce. This one does not yet have a name. He is, however, absolutely gorgeous!

This lovely kitty was, for reasons we don't have enough time to discuss here, abandoned at my sister Wendy's house. Wendy already has one kitty, and for some reason, she thinks one kitty is enough! (Can you imagine?) I was at Wendy's house last week to help her with a knitting project (go, Wendy!!) and absolutely fell in love with this kitten! Wendy, knowing how to spot a sucker, told me the kitten was going to be given to someone else (who would, naturally, never be able to provide as good a home as ours). DH saw some pictures of the kitten and immediately agreed that he could come live with us. He is, after all, gorgeous.

Wendy's kitty is also gorgeous. She kind of looks like a semi-long-haired Siamese, and has the incredible talent of retrieving bottle caps, which has to be seen to be believed. This is Wendy's kitty, who was kind enough to tolerate the baby kitty's stay in her domain:


  • Oh your kitty is ADORABLE!!! I love the coloring. I have had several Siamese "mutt" kitties over the years wit various colors and they are so pretty. I am a cat person too. Your trip to the quilt show sounds fantastic! I've only been to smaller ones. I have always wanted to try Marsha's feathered stars, but my quilting level in not there yet! I sure enjoyed looking at your blog today! :o)

    By Blogger Theresa, at 8:39 PM  

  • Oh wow, what a cute kitten! Reminds me of my Merry cat, gone these 15 years or more. Siamese mixes are great cats!

    By Blogger Janice in GA, at 9:04 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger christine, at 12:57 AM  

  • Caroline - what a beautiful new baby! I suggest that you name her "bella," which means beautiful girl in Italian. Not every girl deserves the name! It also sounds as if you have a pretty good DH too! Glad that you conquered the pretty purple yarn; isn't it heavenly?

    By Blogger christine, at 1:00 AM  

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