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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

OK, Blogger won't let me put more than five pictures in a post (for today, anyway; who knows what would happen if I tried this tomorrow) so I'll have to do this in two posts. I'll try to juggle the time & date to make them show up in the order I want them.

Yesterday we had a bit of excitement here. After eleven straight days of rain, followed by high winds, the newscasters were predicting downed trees due to the fact that the ground is so saturated. Indeed, we made it until about 10 am yesterday. I then heard and felt a tree give way. It felt so close that I had to check and make sure it hadn't hit the house!

It was across the street. Electricity was out (and for us, this also means water, as we have a well and an electric pump) and our phones, cordless, were out (I have a corded phone, but didn't need it this time). I called the electric company on my cell phone to inform them, and they were here within half an hour.

Here's the tree that fell and took down the power lines.

Close-up of the offending tree.

When it came down on the wires, it pulled them hard enough to break the top off a pole! We have a pole right across from our house, but this one is one driveway over from ours. This is the transformer, lying on the ground.

This is what's left of the pole.

Here's the electric company's truck, parked in front of the pole across from our driveway. They arrived surprisingly quickly! Here, they were shutting off electricity to the downed wires, and re-routing it so that I would have electricity while they were working. Later, they had to shut my power off again briefly to connect up to the repaired pole.


  • Wow, scary stuff! Down here in GA the vulnerable trees are the pine trees, especially when we have ice storms. Pine trees were not built to handle ice very well.

    Hope your excitement is over with for a while!

    By Blogger Janice in GA, at 10:43 PM  

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